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Elevated day care in the heart of Helsinki. A straightforward, two-stories building covered with glass, wood and color. Our proposal plays the strings in Sibelius Park.  

Status: Competition proposal 

Size: 1 800 M²


Waves of wood construction in an abundance of greenery makes for a beautiful and sustainable life. 

Status: Competition proposal 
Size: 2500 M²

first prize!

Comtetition win for a new residential builing. Solid and beautiful architecture made from reclaimed bricks, wood and willows as balcony railing. A cohesive building body is softened by refined variations and becomes a fine urban addition to the site.

Status: In progress

Size: 11 000M²

Norwegian Wood

We carefully placed the new entrance building between the trees. Some of them are surrounded by the central courtyard. The house’s transparent hand – carved wooden grid façade gives glimpses of the work-shops inside.

Status: Competition Proposal 

Size: 780M²


Sunnerö Architects has, together with COWI and Urbio, designed a proposal for a new type of building in a competition for Vasakronan. 

The building will be located next to the iconic “Läppstiftet” in the heart of Gothenburg. It will consist of public meeting spots, office spaces as well as regular housing. The sustainable design will be made of wood and recycled materials such as building blocks produced on-site by local demolition materials.


Abundant 360 degree experience of nature in the shape of a weekend retreat on the west coast. Large rooms for gathering both inside and outside. The burnt wood on the outside will last a lifetime. 

Status: In progress

Size: 200 M²


Our proposal for Skeppsbron is ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. Buildings made of wood step down towards the river and respond to both climate and context.

A green and bustling waterfront connects Gothenburg to the river and attracts the city’s residents.

A Skeppsbron that is dense enough to work economically so Gothenburg can afford to build the amenities that create an attractive, livable city.

63 000 sqm residential and 27 000 sqm commercial space gives a total of 95 0000 sqm BTA. That is 40% more space created to cover the cost for the city.

1st Prize Brick by Brick

A new landmark 

A new place to meet

A new place to work 

Status: – 

Size: 8800 M²


Lots of people come to experience this beautiful site. The geometries and shapes of the existing buildings set us off in our sketch work. Our building is designed to welcome visitors during the summer; hence some rooms are open to above.

Status: In progress

Size: 200M²


A new bridge connecting the park areas with the city center. Half a sphere goes full circle when raised above the water surface. Gloria crosses the river while offering plenty of space for rest. 

Status: Competition proposal 

 Height: 20 meter

Haga – made to last

A flexible system and a generality will make this project last in a surrounding still changing. The offset building volumes is forming semi-private spaces outside. One entrance along with shared space brings the neighbors together as well as place to work. 

Status: In progress 

Size: 15 000 M²

Close by and close to zero

One way for us to reduce the human carbon footprint would be by building nothing at all. While that might be utopia, bringing existing structures to its full potential is one step down the road. With sky lit courtyards this building will provide new office space along with a roof terrace and gym.

Status: Under construction 

 Size: 8 000 M²

pride and preschool

Proposal for a new pre-school in Gårdsten. Simple modular lay-out and a pointy silhouette of the roof. Large openings for light and visual connections.  

Status: Proposal