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the winner is wood

Urbanisation calls for an increase of reconstruction in our cities. Making space to include more people within the existing grid of public transport and service. We are adding three floors on top of five!  Compared to concrete the new wood construction means far less weight on the old construction as well as the carbon footprint. 

Status: Construction FW19

the devil is in the detail

Sometimes bringing it back is the way forward. Our architect specialized in working with landmark and preservation protected buildings are bringing back the old potential and making sure that the qualities of this 19th century building are being preserved while adapting it to the needs of today. 

Status: Built

sustainable change

Together with our client we are working on ecological and social sustainable change to a suburban area from the sixties. New technical and energy efficient installations is just a minor part of a transition were the inhabitants are involved as we move the co-used spaces from the basements to the yards. New opportunities for social interaction and safety are created and a collaboration with artists will be the focus of the new facades.  

Status: Construction FW19  

pride and preschool

Proposal for a new pre-school in Gårdsten. Simple modular lay-out and a pointy silhouette of the roof. Large openings for light and visual connections.  

Status: Proposal 

Planning for the future

We are travelling more and more. Spending a lot of time in transit areas. So why not make the best of it. OXO-city will offer movies, lounges, spas, art and ample possibilities to dine in a setting of natural and authentic materials.